Financial Independence

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Contrary to belief, money does not come from the economic system. It flows to you through the laws of the Universe from a Divine Creator that knows your every need, including those that are financial. Learning to manifest money in your experience requires the release of negative thoughts that have kept you defeated in your beliefs about money and your finances. True Financial Independence means you are totally free of finance. It means you have achieved a level of belief in abundance that far outweighs the socialization of lack and limitation.

As women, you are the womb of life and that includes the living waters of financial blessings. Finances have traditional been viewed as an area dominated by men. However, women are not exempt from the power to manifest money in their experience. The problem is in not understanding the power to do so is resident within all people, both male and female.

You were created equal to men, and both have equally been granted the same power to manifest money by a loving Creator. You are here to live life and to life it more abundantly. (John 10:10) This is your Divine Birthright.

Abundance is a Universal Principle. Nothing in the Universe lacks in any area, and this includes you. The great Spirit of the Universe created you out of itself, and since you are ONE with IT, you are supported by the Source of All good in every aspect of your life including your finances.

Being financially independent means you are independent of the world’s way of financing your needs and grounded and rooted in the knowing that all your needs are always met by a greater POWER that always always has your highest and greatest good at hand. Thus, you are living from the Divine Overflow of All Good, which is living in the natural flow of Abundance.

“The word prosperity comes from the Latin root which literally translates: ‘according to hope’ or ‘to go forward hopefully.’ Thus it is not so much a condition in life as it is an attitude toward life.”

 Eric Butterworth

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