fierce impact with Dr. Diva Verdun - the power of feminine Fire

Your relationship with self is the highest relationship achievable. From this relationship you develop and grow into a level of awareness through self-love that propels loving and harmonizing relationships in all areas of your life, including intimate relations.

Through self-love you heal old emotional wounds and trauma, and step into a new awareness of truth regarding your connection to the Divine within, which is the ultimate relationship from which all love stems in your experience. It is at this point you begin to mirror this love and compassion in all your relationships including the one with your beloved.

For many, the challenge of relationships is a plague of seeking love in all the wrong places. This is because love must be found within first in order to attract the love you seek into your experience. Your attraction magnet is not fully charged until you blossom in self-love.

Relationships are merely the direct out-picturing of the love we have for self. Love is a constant in the Universe. It can never ever be lost because it is what created you and everyone else on the planet. When you are invested in self-love you begin to heal all your wounds and open up to allow relationships that mirror the new inner person we are now becoming.


Love is who you are. Love is your true identity, it’s your life purpose.

— Doreen Virtue