B.D. Williams

fierce impact with Dr. Diva Verdun - the power of feminine Fire

Thank you for your inspiration and all that you teach me day in and day out. I hope to embody all the elements that you instill in what you give to us daily. [You are] truly a great master teacher. . . . You inspired me to make my own blog. Rough around the edges but I’ll get there. . . . You are one of my mentors (the one who has made the most impact) and I have without saying it often, learned so much from you. I was in a dark place in my life before I was blessed by your newsfeeds. Your messages chipped away at my victim consciousness mindset and helped me tap into my Inner-Self and Higher Genius.

As weird as it makes me feel to . . . [write] to you these things, I do not hold back the overwhelming feeling of joy to share with you. It is not often that we get to thank our master teachers and mentors in the flesh, some of my mentors, I can only read about and pay homage to in spirit. However, I thank you and will continue to thank you on my path of increase . . . [as] you’ve been the game changer for me. . . . I’ve diligently followed your path over the past years and have embraced your personal expression of the universal laws and your presentation of that has impacted me on many levels beyond words.

Seeing that you assist women in becoming Divas, it has brought me to a journey of intent to understand manhood. Women to Divas (Goddesses) is what you seem to express as development and for me, my inspiration is to take men from manhood to Godhood. . . . Oddest thing is that although you concentrated on the divine feminine aspect for women to embrace, as a man who follows your work, it sparked a journey for me into my own “manhood.”

Truthfully, if one inner-stands Godhood, then manhood is just the mold to be designed. As they say, “God made man” … therefore, as God then make a man! Design your life as you see it. Even with myself I find that I fall victim unconsciously to social scripting on how I am supposed to be and conduct myself. It wasn’t until I embraced the idea of Godhood that everything made sense to me as a man.

You have changed my life inside out. You have made me assess myself through understanding self mastery and so much more. Forgive my mushiness, but I am so thankful, so very thankful. What you do, you obviously know that it is never in vein and that someone is always reading and embracing even your smallest contributions, your shortest quotes. Seeing how my life has changed and looking back on the inspiration of what sparked that, it all starts with you. Never stop doing what you do and know that us men are impacted as much as the Divas.

I love you so very much my friend, my . . . teacher. You are a blessing to so many and . . . I truly appreciate the work you do and your exemplary expression of your life for others to model after, spreading love in abundance. Thanks for being a guiding light for me . . . . Your words inspired me to be born again. Forever thankful!